Choosing an honest and reputable locksmith is important. Here is what to look for in a locksmith.

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What to Look for in a Locksmith

If you have ever locked yourself out of the house or needed an automotive locksmith, you may already be familiar with locksmiths. However, if you find yourself locked out for the first time with no one to turn to, it can be a stressful time. We have compiled a list of what to look for in a locksmith to ensure a good experience. It is very important that whoever you hire is honest, reliable, prompt, and charges fairly. Here are the main things to consider before hiring a locksmith. 

Reputation and Recommendations

There are many ways to ensure the locksmith you hire is reputable. Many people turn to the internet to see reviews of businesses, such as on Yelp or Google. A company with consistently high ratings is typically a good choice. Be sure to watch out for companies with many negative reviews and unsatisfied customers. Also, if you have family and friends that have used locksmiths, that can be an easy way to get a recommendation. In a hurry, it’s important to still slow down and read the reviews or ask for a recommendation. Hiring an unqualified or disreputable company will cause more problems than you want.


When researching a company, it is also important to know their level of experience. A company that has just started, for example, is riskier than hiring a company that has been in business for over 10 years. Locksmiths that have remained in business for many years tend to have good reputations and a solid skill set. As a result, make sure to inquire about how many years a locksmith company has been in existence as part of your research. 


Couple with estimates

Before hiring a locksmith, you can get an estimate for the services requested. The estimate should be in the same range as other locksmiths. If it is much higher, then you are overpaying for the service. However, if it is much lower, the company may not be reputable and often times will increase their prices on you once they come out. That could leave you in a pinch. It is important to use your best judgment and get an estimate before work is done. 


Reputable locksmiths offer a selection of services and have many skills. They should be able to program key fobs, for example. They should also be able to repair car ignitions if your key is stuck inside. If they are a commercial locksmith, they may provide additional services such as installing and work on access control systems. 

They may also provide mobile locksmith services. Mobile locksmiths come to you, wherever you are. That provides a huge level of convenience. Furthermore, if you’re out late and are locked out of a car, you’ll want to be sure to call an emergency locksmith. Emergency locksmiths are available 24/7 for emergencies, including getting locked out of your house or car. 

There are many services locksmiths can provide. Some of them include:

Automotive Locksmith Services

  • Emergency Car Lockout Services Available 24/7!
  • Repair Car Ignitions (got your keys stuck in the ignition? No worries, we’ll be on our way!)
  • Car Key Replacement (we cut keys right then and there)
  • Replace Car Locks
  • Program Transponder Key Fob 
  • Install High Security Auto Anti-Theft Systems
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Residential Locksmith Services

  • Emergency Home Lockout Services
  • Install or Reprogram Keyless Locks
  • Mobile App Controlled Locks
  • Window Locks
  • Padlock, Safe, or Mailbox Locks
  • Rekeying or Lock Repair 

Commercial Locksmith Services

This is a quick list for your convenience. Contact locksmiths directly for a full list of services.

Crown Locksmith

​​Crown Locksmith provides emergency lockout services for your car, home, and workplace. They have been in business for over 12 years and have a 4.8 rating on Google. Crown Locksmith is a mobile locksmith and they will come to you. Choosing an established, highly-rated locksmith is an easy way to ensure the work is done correctly. Contact Crown Locksmith for any questions or for an estimate today. 


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