Whether viewing them from a design or security perspective, door locks and handles play a vital role in the aesthetics and safety of your home. But which door handle is best for a bathroom door, and what are the best door locks for home security? With so many types of door locks and handles available today, how do you know if you are choosing the right combination for your door and home?

Crown Locksmith is here to help! Below, we’ll break down the different types of door locks and handles and their functionality to simplify the purchasing process.

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Different Doorway Functions

Before deciding between the different types of door locks and handles available, it’s essential to consider the function of the door(s) you are addressing.

Entry Doorways: These are the doorways leading into and out of your home. Entry doors often come with common main door lock types. These include key-operated locks, deadbolts, or keyless locks.

Privacy Doorways: Privacy doorways are toilet, bathroom, and bedroom doors in the home. These doors typically have a twist or push lock that operates from one side. Many privacy door handles come with mechanisms in place to allow entry from the other side of the door in case of an emergency (Reference: How to pick a lever handle lock)

Passage Doorways: Passage doorways are wherever privacy or security isn’t an issue. Doors that line hallways, connecting rooms, etc. are good examples. These doors often come without a lock mechanism and can simply be turned to open.

Dummy Doorways: Dummy doorways are simply doorways with no passageways (i.e., closets). These doors are often equipped with dummy handles—more on these below!

Handle Styles

Traditionally, there are only three types of handles homeowners choose from:

Door Knobs

door knob

While there are countless door knob styles and colors to choose from, these handles are typically designed with a circular handle and need to be rotated in either direction for the door to be opened or closed.

Lever Door Handles

Lever door handle

Lever door handles are widely used for internal doors in both commercial and residential properties. These handles often require a downward twisting mechanism to open or close a door. Lever door handles are extremely versatile and can be paired with a variety of door locks and operating mechanisms. So, depending on the aesthetic you are looking to achieve, lever door handles can be utilized in entry, privacy, passage, and dummy doorways.

Pull Door Handles

Pull door handles are pushed or pulled to achieve access through a doorway. These handles are usually found on patio doors, sliding doors, and even some regular hinged doors.

Sliding door

Types of Locks for Your Home

Whether it’s an entry or privacy doorway, you need the right type of lock to ensure you and your family are safe, secure, and happy. Let’s look at the options for interior and exterior door locks:

Interior Door Locks

  • Sliding bolt lock
  • Chain lock
  • Privacy lock

Sliding Bolt Lock: Just as its name suggests, a sliding bolt lock slides to one side to secure the door. These locks are ideal for bathroom and bedroom doors.

Chain Lock: Popular in hotels and older homes, metal chain locks slide into place. They are often used in conjunction with other locks.

Privacy Lock: These are the most widely used internal locks and are a great choice for bedrooms and bathrooms that require some degree of privacy. Privacy locks have a simplistic push-button or twist mechanism to lock the door from the inside.

Exterior Door Locks

  • Rim Lock
  • Mortise Lock
  • Euro Cylinder Lock
  • Door Bolts
  • Electronic Smart Lock

Rim Lock: A rim lock attaches to the surface of a door and includes a single lever and sliding bolt.

Mortise Lock: A mortise lock comes embedded in a pocket that’s cut into the edge of the door. This older lock style provides security while allowing for a smooth exterior finish on your door.

Euro Cylinder Lock: This long, cylinder-shaped lock comes equipped with a keyhole on one side. These door locks are often key-operated from the outside, while inside a thumb-turn lock creates an easy locking and unlocking mechanism.

DeadBolt: Entry door locks and deadbolt combinations have been a staple for homeowners, providing additional security and peace of mind. Deadbolts are installed inside the entryway door and are utilized through an easy twisting mechanism.

Keyless Locks

In addition to traditional locks, there are keyless locks. These are electronic locks that may use a keypad, card, or phone application to unlock the door. These are primarily used in commercial buildings, though they are becoming more popular on residential front doors. Here is an article on keyless door locks pros and cons.

Residential Locksmith Services

While there are various types of door locks and handles to choose from, proper installation is a necessity for homeowners looking to provide a safe and happy environment for themselves and their families. Crown Locksmith has been providing superior commercial, automotive, and residential locksmith services to residents in and around the Atlanta area for over 12 years.

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