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Keys are the kind of things you don’t always think about until something goes wrong. We all know the heart dropping feeling of reaching for our set of keys only to discover they aren’t where we left them . . . and your dog or toddler has a guilty look on their face.

Or, the uncomfortable rush of adrenaline you get when your boss asks you to open the conference room door for your afternoon meeting, everyone is waiting for you, and you’re not sure where the key is or who to call to let you in!

Crown Locksmith, a commercial locksmith in Atlanta, Georgia is here to give you confidence as a key holder. Whether you’re a vital member of a custodial team, a lead in your corporate office, or another hard-working member of the workforce, our commercial master key system will keep your property safe and your stress level low so you can stay busy tackling your to-do’s.

What is a Commercial Master Key System?

Keys in door

A master key system is designed for employers. This system allows employers to give access to certain parts of the building to certain people. Gone are the days of a one-to-one ratio of key access; now we give you the ability to assign one key that will open several doors to one individual employee. 

The benefits of a master key system and master key system locks include:

• Promote a high level of security

• Reduce employee theft

• Offer flexibility in designing the workflow of your business

Promote Security with a Master Key System

Crown Locksmith’s master key system helps Atlanta Georgia residents—and those in the vicinity—ensure safety throughout your commercial building. Not only do we provide keys that are created on restricted keyways—meaning employees or anyone who picks up the key will not be able to bring it to a locksmith for copying—we also restrict access to certain areas of your property. 

We do this by creating multi-layered levels of access. There are some keys that can open every door on your property, there are others that can open most doors on your property. There are yet other keys that can only open one door. Crown Locksmith designs the master key system and master key system locks; you get to decide who has access to which spaces. 

Reduce Employee Theft

With our master key system, the temptation to enter a co-worker’s office may still exist, but the reality of doing so is a thing of the past. 

There are generally one or two people who have access to every single space on your property. A business owner or a property manager are usually chief among that list. With Crown Locksmith’s master key system, these principal key holders can come and go seamlessly throughout the property. 

In a tier just below the principal key holders are those who can access most parts of your property. In a school building these are often members of your security team, or anyone you decide needs access to nearly all your rooms, offices, and closets. 

Next, there are those employees who need access to many specific locations. Maintenance crews and office managers, for example, benefit from a master key system because they no longer have to carry a keyring the size of Georgia. Instead, they can use one key to access all the places in which they need to work, as well as those spaces they need to open for others. 

This clear delineation of keyholders and what they have access to reduces employee theft because it deters unlawful entry and heightens accountability for those who are higher level key holders. 

Crown Locksmith Offers Flexibility in Designing the Workflow of Your Business

Commercial office

Do you remember those giant key rings the members of your high school’s maintenance crew used to carry on their belts? Their circumference was about the size of a softball and the number of keys they held looked to equal the number of doors in your school’s county. Not the building. The county. 

Our master key system and master key system locks are putting all those key rings out of business. Instead of having to lug around anywhere between 20 and 200 keys, we are heightening workflow by allowing one key to open 20-200 doors on your property. 

You control who goes where, and we make sure to get them there!

Crown Locksmith is an Atlanta Locksmith providing commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services.

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